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Mother Church Pew: Interview with Don Gallardo

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Read the full article here: http://www.motherchurchpew.com/2017/09/12/americanafest-2017-don-gallardo/

“I’ve been calling my music ‘Americana’ since 2001 and feel very fortunate to be able to continue playing music as profession,” says traveling troubadour Don Gallardo, who will play his first official showcase at this year’s AmericanaFest. “We’re really excited to be able to play to the Americana crowd. They are very passionate people and very supportive of everyone in the genre.” Gallardo will perform at 6:00p.m. at Acme Feed & Seed on Thursday, September 14th. “I have Joe Andrews from Old Crow Medicine Show playing guitar with me and Laur ‘Lil’ Joe’ Joamets who played with Sturgill Simpson for years on steel and acoustic (guitars) plus my regular guys, Travis Stock on bass and Andrew Squire on drums, with whom I’ve been playing with for over seven years,” he adds about his band, and hints that there will be some special guests drop by play with the band. “The great thing about living in Nashville for nine years now is how many people and musicians you meet and become friends with. It seems like, if your regular guys are not able to play a show, then there are always your friends who are great musicians who can fill in.”

Since the release of his acclaimed 2016 album Hickory, the perennial road warrior has recorded a brand new album to release in 2018, and traveled no less than 15,000 miles across the globe. “I played a bunch of festivals in the UK introducing some of the new material,” he recalls. “It got a very warm reception and I can’t wait to let everyone hear it. Every time I get over to the UK and start playing shows I’m almost already looking to return even before we are finished with the tour. Every show is highly energetic and filled with such wonderful people who treat us like family. I hope to get out and hit the road at least a couple more times before the year is over.”

“This week is always so busy running around to different events and doing a ton of networking,” he continues of his AmericanaFest schedule. “I’ve been writing a little bit already and doing some co-writes. I sat down a few weeks ago with my buddy Allen Thompson and worked on a tune. I also I have a five year old boy who just started playing tee ball, so that’s been really fun to watch and practice with him and will take up some time,” he adds. “I love it.”

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