Roanoke seamlessly blend a 70s/80s aesthetic with modern sensibility by delving into a mystic rock core. For 8 years, these elements have persisted in their music, evolving as the band has risen through the ranks of the independent rock scene. Mysticism is a primary component to the band’s foundation and not only in their lyrical themes –  the band’s live shows bring their spirituality and mysticism all to fruition. Roanoke has grown into a road-tested outfit, retaining an affinity for raising energy and rich vocal harmony. Their live shows have won over audiences since the band first started touring 6 years ago.

Roanoke is fronted by Taylor Dupuis (vocals/acoustic/songwriter) and Joey Beesley (vocals/electric guitar/songwriter). Richard Bennett is on bass, and B.L. Reed on electric guitar. On their latest project, the band teamed up with producers Richard Bennett and Kevin Robinson in Muscle Shoals.

“Selene” is the band’s latest single. The 7” vinyl will be available for pre-order, backed with “Juna”.


“Where I Roam” was named one of Paste Magazines top ten EP’s of 2018

“…the music they offer on their stunning sophomore effort, Where I Roam, reflects a clarity and cohesion that suggest that even early on in their collective career, the band possesses a knowing sense of skill and savvy. ” – Paste Magazine

..Brimming with optimism, youthful exuberance and creative energy…promising band that’s definitely on the rise. ” – The Huffington Post

“Roanoke creates a sound that’s both ageless and expressive, one that is so strikingly effusive it practically demands attention on the initial encounter.” – No Depression

This song is intense – a sonically diverse number full of colorful instrumentation, yet still one that rings true to the Roanoke name. Soak in the love and sit back with one of Nashville’s brighter stars as “Where the Heart Runs” whisks us off into another world – streaming exclusively on Atwood Magazine!


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