Heavy Manners


Heavy Manners’ high energy performances live on as some of Chicago’s most legendary ska dance parties. Throughout the eighties audiences thrilled to their appearances with The English Beat, The Clash, Third World, Jimmy Cliff, The Ramones, The Go Gos, Grace Jones and Peter Tosh among others. The night they played with reggae legend Peter Tosh in a sold out show at Chicago’s famed Aragon Ballroom was especially memorable. The reggae superstar, often referred to as the “Mystic Man” was immediately grabbed by the impassioned live performance and the quality of Heavy Manners’ songwriting. Studio sessions were soon set up in Chicago and Tosh flew in from Jamaica to produce along with his guitarist Donald Kinsey and his engineer Dennis Thompson. NoVo Records has just released these Heavy Manners-Peter Tosh tracks for the first time as a part of a collection of new and vintage Heavy Manners cuts called “Heavier Than Now.” Included on the disc are remastered versions of the band’s hot vinyl singles previously released on Disturbing Records and a five song set. To audiences Heavy Manners signified a camaraderie of talent. They embody racial unity, free expression and sexual equality. As musicians they are among Chicago’s most respected. Robinson, Fagan, and Hill are arresting songwriters who deftly employ unique humor, perspective, political fervor and astute metaphor.


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