Chicago Blues a Living History


Chicago Blues: A LIVING HISTORY is being hailed by music critics, musicians and music historians worldwide as the most important tribute of our time to the Chicago Blues.

CBLH brings together two generations of Chicago’s greatest living traditionalists. In an unprecedented Chicago Blues collaboration, the legendary Billy Boy Arnold, John Primer, Billy Branch and Lurrie Bell–inheritors of the Chicago Blues tradition–have come together to celebrate and pay tribute to the evolution of the genre from its earliest days through the present.

In April of 2009, these seminal artists released their landmark 2-disc CD. The 21 track, double-CD pays tribute to the genre’s creators, its rich history, its current practitioners, and its singular place in the (r)evolution of 20th century American music. The group has united to give witness to the history of the genre in its most quintessential form as these extraordinary artists are the bridge between the originators of the genre and the Chicago Blues of today – through them the Chicago Blues remains a living tradition.



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